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Dippy Birds Rule?
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Well... my minimalistic Battlefied: Glass Round 4 entries may actually have a chance.

Voting is now open for round 4 and the dippy birds await your attention.

Thanks to Kenny for suggestion more close-up photos. I agree with his advice, and have cropped the photos some to show slightly larger images, thus making it easier to see the theme items in some cases.

I did not go with macro shots, however, because the silicone holding the pieces together doesn't look all that great, and trying to improve it runs the risk of breaking these relatively fragile birdies without time to deal with it.

Close-ups would also mean - as far as I could perceive - having to give up some of the photos that communicate the documentary style. Maybe not, but I ran out of time to try at this point, so we're going with what I had as best possible.

On first review, some of this round's projects seem like they may not score as high as mine for aesthetics and creativity. Of course there is a large aspect of public taste in this round, for which there is simply no accounting, but I'm optimistically giving the birds a 50-50 chance of advancing at this point.

Perhaps I'll change my mind after reading the descriptions in detail and taking a closer look. No way mine will place tops (the shoe probably will take that honor), but it may make the top four.

I will not be disappointed to not advance. I'll be excited to go on, I reckon, and put off working on the patio mosaic another 6 weeks or so if that's the case.

Anyway... my curiosity's really kicking in to see the results of round 4.

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