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Hot, Hilly, and Fireworks
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On Friday, a friend from college had a 4th of July party out at his place, some ways northwest of LA.

Jenn and Kenny picked me up, and we spent the afternoon gaming and snacking. First lesson of the day: if someone else teaches you the rules to a game, always read them again when you buy the game and teach it to other people. Found this out the hard way with Puerto Rico.

In the evening the neighborhood came alive with fireworks. Kids (and adults) ran about lighting numerous pyrotechnic devices in the street, in their driveways, and in their hands. In the near distance, the community's local show also provided light and sound. Fireworks -- even when legal as in this town -- appear to be a dangerous thing.

Kids leapt and cavorted about in the midst of smoke-filled streets, with cars not bothering to slow down either for them or the occasional rockets that tipped over and shot sideways. Other idiots lighted and launched fireworks while holding on to them, occasionally sending showers of sparks into porches or underneath vehicles nearby. Sheer mayhem. Second lesson of the day: bring a flak jacket next year. (Did not find this out the hard way, just seems wise.)

On the way home nature treated us to an unusual sight: the Six Flags Magic Mountain theme park silhouetted by brush fires on the slope behind it. Large bright orange flames leaping up as a backdrop to roller coaster structures makes for a memorable sight.

My plan for weekend cycling involved doing long distances on both Saturday and Sunday, however the ride on Saturday turned out to be rather difficult.

It was only 62 miles, but these traversed some of the coastal mountains toward Agoura and meant about half the time in 90+ degree heat. I returned home feeling very beat, and wound up rehydrating with too many slushies to count. I made a feeble attempt to do some Flattops coding, but succumbed to cranking up the AC and watching Dune for several hours instead.

Given that I really wanted to fix some Flattops bugs sometime over the weekend, I decided not to cycle at all on Sunday given the number of hours that the first ride meant (between time on the bike and time recovering). I'll try it again next week, ready for the possible downtime this time around.

So I did get some bugs fixed, and several other household chores done. Overall, a good long weekend.

Best way to make slushies: ice shaver, then blender. Nice tiny ice particles = very cold drink.

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