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Back in May, you may recall, I had an old toy train engine repaired. However, it was not until today that I got around to testing it, in large part because we had no transformer (power unit) or track at the time. A while ago I bought a few boxes of old track on eBay, and then last weekend finally bought the transformer, which is the most expensive part of the whole set-up.

And just now, while Baby's away shopping with Mommy, I set up the track, scrubbed it with a cleaning block, soldered the transformer wire to the track (the train store could not find a clip-on for it), and fired her up. A few moments later Engine #300 was flying around in circles, inciting Nimitz's interest each time it went past him.

Time to pack it all back up now, for later setting up around our Christmas tree for Baby's enjoyment. She's going to love this thing, at least for a while. I bet it'll be more than 10 minutes, but we'll see. I intend to put it away after Christmas and then get it out annually, at least for a couple more years. If our next house has room enough for a permanent diorama for it, and she takes an interest in it, then we'll reconsider.

Choo, choo!

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