Faith, Or The Opposite Of Pride
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June 2002
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18: American Girl's All Weather And Noise.

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I believe that sex is 75% mind and 25% matter, that corporate culture speaks to the primal, and that Howard Roark is the perfect man. I believe that Neruda was right about good poetry, that decent scotch is hard to find and that something is always lost in translation. I believe that barbecue is more than meat products on a grill. I believe that it's what you know. I believe that war is a child's solution to an adult's problem, that Bush is a one-term president, and that yellow roses are bad luck. I believe in the Mississippi River, the New Mexican desert and Area 51. I believe that Freud just needed a good fuck. I believe in tipping strippers. I believe in raw meat, free refills on coffee and 24-hour diners. I believe in sturdy boots, parachute silk, and heat lightning. I believe in knives, leather and the smell of a wet horse. I believe in women with towing capacity and men who can drive stick. I believe that poets, libraries, and the ability to handle a firearm are the most erotic things in the world. I believe that I have dark corners I may never know. I believe that I didn't learn a damn thing in kindergarten. I believe that there is no desire without restraint. I believe in motorcycles. I believe in the moon.

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