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Over Forty And Loving It




Nasty here, very nasty and looks like it's supposed to get worse. We've already gotten about an inch of ice, and the next wave is up to 12" of snow and winds to 45mph which spells disaster for the power lines. Ameren has 420 of their people on deck and 800 more from 5 other states to handle the problems. The National Guard is on standby for assistance, and certain parts of the area have already been declared in states of emergency. A few counties northwest of us are expected to get up to 24" of snow (but no ice).

They saw this monster coming, and for the last two days people have been swarming Walmart and other grocery stores for supplies. I mean, Walmart was cleaned OUT. Places like Sam's ran out of milk (what is it about milk and a Snopocalypse, anyway? So weird). Salt has sold out. A record number of generators have been sold. It's madness.

The superlatives used on the news include "horrific", "a storm of historical proportions", and "catastrophe". Personally, I feel this is irresponsible reporting, because even for a veteran of many a snowstorm (and this one is classified as a "blizzard" because of expected whiteout conditions) I caught the panic fever myself. I had no candles, so I went out yesterday morning at the beginning of the icing to get some. $70 worth of groceries later...well, you know how it is.

I did feel better after talking with a clerk in the dollar store who was from Michigan. We spoke about much worse conditions up north, and how everyone here was in panic mode. Of course, we all remember July 2006 when the power was out for 6 days for me and weeks for others, and later that same year some people went weeks without power during the winter. I guess the powers that be learned their lesson and a lot more emergency plans have been formed since that time.

One result of the hair-raising news reports is the roads here are just about deserted. The local mall is shut down, and from what I hear a lot of businesses shut down except for essential services. I can't really see the main road from my house, and I certainly am not going one step out the front door if I can help it. I've peeked to take pictures, but even just taking one step out I almost fell on my ass.

I can tell the bitter cold is coming on down because my back is killing me. I've charged up the Kindle and the cell phone in case the power indeed goes out, I have my snuggie, a flashlight, and toilet paper. I'm good to go.

Wild AND crazy.

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