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Over Forty And Loving It



So, we all survived the snomageddon and the icepocalypse and today, the sun actually came out. It was just a tease, actually, since the bitter Artic cold has moved in and believe me when I tell you THAT'S suckage of the highest order. I won't detail the body parts that are protesting, because it's most of them, and let's just leave it at that.

Since the sun was shining, I figured it was a good time to clean the ice off my car. It took me almost an hour. First was the layer of snow, then about three inches of grainy sleety ice gunk, then a sheet of ice glaze. Good gawd, what a mess. I wanted to make sure to get it off of the hood, the roof and the trunk because that shit flying off the back of the car while traveling could kill someone, and I'd be responsible. So it all had to go. And it did, eventually, although I busted my ice scraper to bits.

I need minions.

At least it was good exercise.


Speaking of exercise, I've been tracking my calories and stuff on Livestrong in an attempt to get a handle on this winter weight. (Well, okay - winter/spring/summer/fall weight.) I'd lost fifteen pounds just before the holidays then promptly put them right back on. There's something about being snowbound that stimulates the appetite, and it's been suggested it might be a Vitamin D deficiency. I take a vitamin, but it might be time to pump up the Vitamin D and see if that helps.

I don't care what I look like, mind. But I will say thinking of me a great deal smaller really freaks me out, so I try not to think about that and just concentrate on getting to a weight where I actually *feel* better.


In writing news, things are coming along. I worry a little bit about the future, but don't we all?

"Learning the Hard Way" was accepted by for broadcast. I am so beyond chuffed about this! They thought the story was "great work" and they have a special artist in mind to read it and are very excited about it. So am I! I mean, I almost peed a little. Heh.

And Joshua Guess, author of "Living With the Dead" has asked me to write a short story based in his universe to release with his second volume, tentatively titled "Bitter Season". I'm really thrilled about this, too. I suppose you could call it "fan fic", but I really, REALLY loved his book (available for the Kindle on Amazon and also on his LWtD blog) and I am really honored he asked me to participate.

I'm hoping it jump starts some more sales of "Not Nice", which have been rather slow. I know it's a marathon, so I'm not really too bunged up over that, and I also know I should get more material out there. I'm working on that.

In the meantime, I am now traveling vicariously through Australia and writing twisted and demented articles about Top 5 Valentine's gifts, drinking songs and gruesome deaths. I love it. Heh.

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