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IPS1 Is In The Books

The Intergalactic Pretendacon Sporkfest 1 officially ended today.

It was a very full four days of hanging with my writer peeps, and it was a lot of fun. Two of our members had to leave due to health concerns, and that sucked, but just seeing them at all was fabulous. We are already making plans for the next Sporkfest.

In the meantime, I'm freakin' slammed with work, and totally exhausted. As an introvert, long exposure to people is very wearing, as much as I love the people involved. I figure I'll be recovered just in time for the wedding, then I get to experience a similar situation all over again. But, it's perfect timing because after the wedding I plan on hitting an early hermitage period. Heh.

The one great thing about talking with other writers is it has helped me see a bigger picture and I received some advice on how to transform my workload, which right now is a combination of writing non-fiction with fiction and editing, to something favoring the fiction a little bit more. The way things are looking right now, I might be able to pull that off and it would be awesome. It's just a matter of flipping the switch and taking baby steps. I'm at least going to try. When two people whom you respect so much tell you that you could write circles around them if you went that way, well, it's very encouraging.

One of the people visiting is also a professional Tarot card reader. You know, I try to stay away from that stuff because I normally never hear anything good. Plus, I don't want to know what's coming at me. Really. Makes me nervous. Plus, most people aren't very good at it. I've only met a couple. And this person was one of them.

It was very different from a "traditional" card reading. She used a spiritual deck instead of the usual deck with images of swords, skull and dark towers, and it was quite fascinating. Of course, I watched three other people go first. Heh. Wasn't at all sure I wanted to put myself there.

I'm glad I did. She was dead-on with her comments, to the point of freaky. It made me look at some ongoing issues and contemplate how that's all working for me and the best way to resolve them and move on. Looks like the wedding could be an opportunity for that. *sigh* No sporking allowed. That's the down side ;)

In the meantime, I have to get organized. Tonight I start the tutoring gig and I'm excited about that. Tomorrow I'll evaluate, prioritize, and get to work.

No rest for the wicked. Heh.

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