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80000 / 80000 words. 100% done!

Available now...Athena's Promise!

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Over Forty And Loving It



All work and no play, but I knew July was going to be this way. I probably won't have time to take a breath until after the GirlChild's wedding. Then, it will be time for Hermit Mode. Really early in the year for that transition, but overdue, IMO. Heh.

In between assignments and editing, I am researching agents and publishers. Once I have AP right where I want her, I shall send her out into the cold, cruel world and see what I can see. In the meantime, I'll start work on Athena's Chains, the second installment of the Adventures of Pallas and try not to think of Athena's Promise Out There.

The reasons I'm attempting a legacy publisher over self-publishing are many, and I have arrived at this course of action after much pondering. I would self-publish, but I don't have the distribution or the platform to really get my name out there. I have to establish myself first. Then, in the future, if I wish to self-publish (and I probably will) I will (hopefully) have a large audience.

That's the basic plan.

If AP comes back rejected a number of times with no nibbles, I will probably try to figure out why she was turned down, fix it, and self-publish anyway.

I know there's the perfect place for Pallas out there somewhere. I just have to find it.

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