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Jury Duty Day 2
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Uh-oh. For some reason both sides (and the judge) found me acceptable and I'm on the panel. It was a long, tiring process as 45 people were interviewed and re-interviewed, in some cases. I don't know why anyone would consider me a solid citizen--don't they know that, beneath this quite ordinary exterior, beats the heart of a rebel?

Obviously not.

The issues in the case are complex and touch upon some of life's deepest values. I find myself wondering how will I sleep at night, thinking about it. Then I drift off, exhausted....

The other reason I'm so tired is that I am once again enjoying (I use the term loosely) the pleasures of the Los Angeles area freeways. Yesterday it took me 1 hour and 55 minutes to drive the 24 miles from my home to the courthouse. Some 40 minutes of that time gained me only 3 miles from Sherman Way to the 101/405 interchange. Bah!!

Kramer is right. It's like voting. A civic responsibility and the duty of every citizen. I wouldn't duck out of it by lying or misrepresenting the facts, but I had rather hoped they wouldn't rub their hands in glee when they saw me coming. Maybe the next time I should gibber and drool during the jury selection process. Or fall asleep.

It continues on today and then tomorrow I go back to work for a day. Next week, wash, rinse, repeat.

Read/Post Comments (3)

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