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Well, I made it through 24 hours on water and wishful thinking. Woke up with a headache, probably withdrawal symptoms from lack of caffeine. I cut down to one mug the day before, but still was cold and headache-y.

Hungry and light-headed this morning, but a few sips of fruit juice and some cheese soon put me back on track. Not sure if I'll do it again, since it requires (for me) a day of not doing much else besides light housework or reading (guess which is preferred, if you can). Seldom do I get that kind of day on my schedule.

Refinance has hit a snag. Property values have dropped so drastically in the last few months here in southern California that a mid-range house once valued at $625,000 is now only $400,000. Incredible. I no longer quite have 20% equity on my property.

Not that I really care, because it's all virtual assets anyway. Money to me is cash in the bank, checking or savings, or greenbacks in the wallet. If it's securities or bonds or property equity, it's subject to so many unpredictable and unseen variables, I don't really count on it, and it doesn't come into the "can I live on it?" equation.

I guess that makes me a financial primitive. So be it.

Read/Post Comments (4)

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