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Well, it looks like the refi is going through. The appraiser has been through my house and back yard and garage. So that's done.

I got really negative vibes from him. He was curt, almost hostile, right from the moment he landed on my front stoop. He was OK, even chatty, on the phone, but the minute he laid eyes on me, it was a different story. Maybe I don't look "girly" enough for him? Certainly not deferential.

Wearing jeans and tee shirt, with my hair cut way short for summer, sandals, no makeup (I dress to suit myself these days)--I probably looked to his eyes like a lesbian. Add to that the fact that my housemate is female. And I did not find him particularly attractive, didn't flirt, nor bat my eyelashes.

Not sure I know how to do that (the batting part).

There's an upside and a downside to the lowball appraisal. Downside is that I'll have to pay mortgage insurance until equity is sufficient to dispense with it. Even so, my monthly payments will still be greatly reduced.

Upside is that I can use the new appraisal to lower my property tax, which is based on property value.

Have to admit, there's a conspiracy theorist part of me that wonders just how cozy the appraiser is with the mortgage insurance people. I'd like to know how many others were lowballed by him. Wish there were some way I could see comps. My broker says that such information is confidential, even for him.

My broker emailed me the docs to preview tham, so I'm ready for the signing ceremony on Tuesday, when the in-home notary is scheduled to be here. I'm on pins and needles with anticipation. This is a big deal.

Nins and peedles.

Read/Post Comments (4)

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