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Well. I just noticed the date format and wanted to change it to day/month/year, which I couldn't find so I clicked through all the options ... do you know, I cannot remember where that thought was going, but I'm leaving it because I haven't really got anything to say so I'm just turning up at the page and seeing what happens [I write about my day, yawn].

Today has been filled with the consequences of actions taken whilst deep in the pit of doom, actions I'd forgotten about. This morning I met a counsellor at the local MS Centre, following a desperate phone call to the MS Society some time ago - no idea if days or weeks ago as the pit swallows time. I liked her and it was good. She takes it seriously, my position in relation to ED's MS. Instead of taking notes during this first session she just listened, responded non-verbally for the most part, asked a few questions and set me homework - to write a letter to ED. Not actually to her, to the her that was. Written by hand, she said, although I may text and ask if I can do it on the computer as her reason is that emotion flows better by hand, but that's not a hard and fast rule. I write so much on the pc that I find it too slow by hand - my thoughts get lost in the endless time it takes to get a sentence down.

It'll be three weeks until my regular sessions start, so I have some time to do this. My baby.

The other thing was getting an email with the transcript of a phone interview I did with a woman from a charity that wants some personal accounts to use in a campaign they're working on. Bloody hell. For starters, it's a shocking load of meandering, ungrammatical confusion, apart from odd bits where I get on my high horse about something I've ranted about so many times that I have it down to a tee. Also, I have no idea what their campaign is - something to do with disability benefits and how changes impact on people with disabilities - or what part my testimony will take. It's OK, I'll call her on Monday and chat it through before I sign the consent thing. I don't want to suddenly find myself at the centre of one of those election stories, like the girl whose life turned into the scandal of Jennifer's Ear - something to do with the NHS, back in the day when politicians argued about how to run it, not whether or not they were flogging it off in chunks to companies they have connections with.

Today I have been grateful for: Supportive people; a new cookery book - Eat By Nigel Slater - lots of ideas and I even made one this evening; the wind having died down, for now at least; central heating; a parking space right outside my door

Laters xx

Read/Post Comments (3)

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