Ernest Hemingway is said to have written a six-word story and called it his best work: "For sale: baby shoes. Never used." SJ Rozan invites writers to submit six word crime stories here. To submit: Send your story to: SIXWORDSTORY@AOL.COM. Include your name and, if you want, your url. We won't post email addresses. Stories SJ finds appealing for whatever idiosyncratic reason will be posted here. Send titles if you like, but we here at Six Word Story HQ like that part and will probably title them ourselves. Maybe there'll be a prize beyond the wonder of seeing your story in electronic print; maybe not. We'll think about it. Meanwhile, we're waiting...
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01: Should old acquaintance be forgot? (6 comments)
06: Suicide (3 comments)
09: It's shaping up to be a busy year (1 comments)
11: Just what don't they know? (5 comments)
21: It all adds up (1 comments)
24: That's right, blame someone else (3 comments)
27: I told you not to ask! (0 comments)
31: Well, then, what the hell are we going to do? (5 comments)

05: I didn't write it, folks (3 comments)
19: It's a little hard to know what this is about... (4 comments)
22: Haste makes waste (3 comments)

01: The Blessed Event (1 comments)
04: Not yet (1 comments)
16: I don't know about that hyphen (3 comments)
17: It's nice to be helpful (3 comments)
20: Don't fully get it, but I love it (4 comments)
21: I'm taking on faith this was the result of a crime (0 comments)
23: Crimes come in many forms (1 comments)
24: So we're talking metaphorically, or literally? (2 comments)
27: Ready for his close-up (3 comments)
30: Whether it really worked depends on which "she" we're talking about (1 comments)

02: I have a feeling the crime is about to occur (0 comments)
04: This is where the definition of "crime" gets iffy (12 comments)
05: Seems to be going around (1 comments)
09: What's your return policy? (11 comments)
12: Got a great witness there (1 comments)
18: Home is where... (4 comments)
24: As long as something is working out (5 comments)
26: What the hell happened here? (1 comments)

03: Art is so dangerous (3 comments)

21: Contest (3 comments)

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