Ernest Hemingway is said to have written a six-word story and called it his best work: "For sale: baby shoes. Never used." SJ Rozan invites writers to submit six word crime stories here. To submit: Send your story to: SIXWORDSTORY@AOL.COM. Include your name and, if you want, your url. We won't post email addresses. Stories SJ finds appealing for whatever idiosyncratic reason will be posted here. Send titles if you like, but we here at Six Word Story HQ like that part and will probably title them ourselves. Maybe there'll be a prize beyond the wonder of seeing your story in electronic print; maybe not. We'll think about it. Meanwhile, we're waiting...
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26: The Return of Six Word Stories! (5 comments)
27: Well begun is half done (4 comments)
28: One crime failed, one on the way (4 comments)
29: Nature, red in tooth and claw (4 comments)
30: And you almost got away with it, too (2 comments)
31: Yeah, but who spread it? (2 comments)

01: I can see this one coming, too (2 comments)
02: You never write, you never call... (3 comments)
03: You can rinse, but you can't hide (2 comments)
04: Well, that was fast (8 comments)
05: It's up to you, but if it were me... (1 comments)
06: At least you're sorry (3 comments)
08: Looking for clues, are we? (1 comments)
09: So similar, yet so different (6 comments)
10: Just how many bodies are we looking at, now? (4 comments)
12: I'll just bet (5 comments)
13: I guess this could be a problem (3 comments)
14: Uh-oh (2 comments)
16: Was that what it was about? (7 comments)
20: I don't think that's how it's supposed to go (4 comments)
21: Medical students' needs must be met (5 comments)
23: Did Tom Thumb leave a note? (4 comments)
24: Yeah, but I never listen (4 comments)
25: Could be more crimes here than we thought (4 comments)
28: Reality rears its ugly head (7 comments)
29: Crime unclear, but will make itself known (5 comments)
31: It wasn't my fault (5 comments)

01: Anybody have any idea what's going on here? (6 comments)
07: From the classifieds, or the personals? (6 comments)
09: And you didn't run because...? (4 comments)
10: No one ever does, do they? (12 comments)
13: Not a crime story, but the root of all crime stories (1 comments)
16: Is this one of those anti-Mother's-Day stories? (1 comments)
23: I already have (11 comments)

06: Damn good question (3 comments)
09: True crime? Or just terrible menu planning? (5 comments)
12: And the other times? (7 comments)
27: On this block, competition's stiff (3 comments)
30: You mean I got it wrong? (4 comments)
31: Oh, yuuuuuck! (5 comments)

02: Sometimes we all just wish (2 comments)
09: Hmm. Is this true? (3 comments)
12: So you went looking for trouble? (2 comments)
13: You wuz robbed! (14 comments)
19: I don't even want to know (3 comments)
20: It may not be straightforward, though (4 comments)
28: About that genie... (4 comments)

04: Don't you ever knock? (10 comments)
05: It's not a crime to THINK about it (3 comments)
08: Ah-choo (1 comments)
09: Is nothing ever good enough for you? (6 comments)
12: The truth, however, will set you free (3 comments)
13: Everything has consequences (2 comments)
18: I think it's too late already (4 comments)
19: As long as SOMETHING'S working (4 comments)
20: Not a crime, just criminally embarrassing (6 comments)
26: So many ways to take this (2 comments)
31: A threat or a promise? (3 comments)

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