Ernest Hemingway is said to have written a six-word story and called it his best work: "For sale: baby shoes. Never used." SJ Rozan invites writers to submit six word crime stories here. To submit: Send your story to: SIXWORDSTORY@AOL.COM. Include your name and, if you want, your url. We won't post email addresses. Stories SJ finds appealing for whatever idiosyncratic reason will be posted here. Send titles if you like, but we here at Six Word Story HQ like that part and will probably title them ourselves. Maybe there'll be a prize beyond the wonder of seeing your story in electronic print; maybe not. We'll think about it. Meanwhile, we're waiting...
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01: Should old acquaintance be forgot? (2 comments)
02: It's always the least likely suspect (2 comments)
06: But was it his? (1 comments)
10: Sometimes you really can blame the victim (5 comments)
17: And you're guilty as sin (3 comments)
24: Will you please be quiet, please? (3 comments)
25: Are we talking guns, or short-story slots? (4 comments)
31: Hardly seems fair (2 comments)

04: It's all just semantics (5 comments)
09: Makes a difference how many folks we're talking about here (2 comments)
13: It's all so very Zen (2 comments)
18: There's no biz like show biz (3 comments)
21: Not a crime, but a tragedy (3 comments)
22: Not a crime -- unless it was sabotage (3 comments)
22: The question is, what's missing? (3 comments)

03: I think I was at that one (2 comments)
08: He always gets away (4 comments)
10: And she always comes back (3 comments)
21: Why, if the beer did it? (0 comments)
22: Ah, but too late (5 comments)
25: But what was it like before? (2 comments)

07: We talking about Susquatch, or who? (2 comments)
13: Um, right... (0 comments)
16: My bad, I guess (2 comments)
18: And I'll bet you looked quite macho, too. (2 comments)
24: It's that "shoot" I wonder about (1 comments)
26: Of course, it could be a trap (1 comments)

04: You gotta know when to fold 'em (6 comments)
30: He said, she said (2 comments)

01: Yeah, but whose? (4 comments)
04: Damn Mapquest! (3 comments)
08: What else is new? (5 comments)
09: How did you do that? (0 comments)
10: Umm... We have liftoff... (2 comments)
11: By itself?? (2 comments)
13: Well, that's a problem, then (4 comments)
19: You're sure it was a dream? (5 comments)

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