Ernest Hemingway is said to have written a six-word story and called it his best work: "For sale: baby shoes. Never used." SJ Rozan invites writers to submit six word crime stories here. To submit: Send your story to: SIXWORDSTORY@AOL.COM. Include your name and, if you want, your url. We won't post email addresses. Stories SJ finds appealing for whatever idiosyncratic reason will be posted here. Send titles if you like, but we here at Six Word Story HQ like that part and will probably title them ourselves. Maybe there'll be a prize beyond the wonder of seeing your story in electronic print; maybe not. We'll think about it. Meanwhile, we're waiting...
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04: Really? And how is he now? (2 comments)

01: When it absolutely, positively has to... (3 comments)
13: Sad but true (5 comments)
26: That's a damn good question (2 comments)
27: Nice to have time to think (2 comments)
28: Should've been more open-minded (1 comments)

04: No hard feelings, huh? (3 comments)
07: Go ahead, blame the other guy (2 comments)
10: You sure? I've heard one's bitter (2 comments)
11: It was an accident, Officer. Honest. (4 comments)
16: And he thought it was over... (2 comments)
21: Stopped what, exactly? (6 comments)

16: Just tell us where to find it (1 comments)
21: In which case, you screwed up (2 comments)
30: I like clean -- that's a crime? (2 comments)

09: Do you see another one? (4 comments)
14: Once again, you didn't plan ahead (1 comments)
20: Effective, if not all that creative (2 comments)
27: Satan speaks (3 comments)

03: Practical advice, though spoils the fun (2 comments)
11: THIS is ALWAYS a crime (3 comments)
14: Always look gift horse in mouth (3 comments)
18: Sounds like a successful procedure, anyway (5 comments)
24: Wouldn't you? (4 comments)
28: Interesting way to think about crime (3 comments)

04: Independence Day (3 comments)
06: The apple falling near the tree (3 comments)

04: That ticking, it's bad either way (4 comments)
23: I said not to -- oh, hell! (4 comments)

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