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01: She'll Never Order Creme Brulee Again: How NOT to come out to your mother. (7 comments)
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01: The Most Attractive Man in the World, February 2008 Edition (1 comments)
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10: A Sermon Where Ezekiel's Dry Bones Meet the Girl Scouts (3 comments)
10: Governor Spitzer....Apologies Generally Don't Work for Federal Crimes. Just Resign....but first, let's talk a little about prostituion as a crime. (3 comments)
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07: A Little Song, A Little Dance, A Little Kiss to Scare the Aunts (1 comments)
25: Revisiting the Idea of My Favorite Meal (4 comments)

08: If Pastorgate is good for the goose, is Mr. McCain ready to defend Rev. Hagee and Rev. Parsley (2 comments)
31: In honor of the Rachel Ray/Dunkin Donuts Terrorist Scarf Controversy.... (3 comments)

01: A 44th Birthday Update (7 comments)
08: Today's Sermon: 4 Very Unlikely Candidates (4 comments)
18: With apologies to Matthew, one more reason to be glad I left Texas (1 comments)
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04: American, Christian, Gay, Cusp-Boomer/GenXer in No Particular Order (2 comments)
12: Greetings from Steamy Miami (2 comments)
15: A tiny Rant from Miami: John McCain on Adoption by gay parents. (2 comments)
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28: The sun will come out... (2 comments)

04: Have you seen it? McCain's cynical "Obama as Jesus" Ad? (6 comments)
11: New Things the World Can Do Without... (3 comments)
14: Julia Child was a spy against the Nazi's? Way Cool! (1 comments)
14: A Little Aside About the Insanity of Illinois Politics (0 comments)
19: Is truthfulness no longer a virtue? (1 comments)
19: I just don't understand why people like you have to make such a big deal out of it, rubbing it in our faces... (4 comments)

11: Vancouver Island (3 comments)
29: Taking a break until after the election (5 comments)

28: Coming Soon to a Blog Near You (6 comments)

12: We interupt this Silence...for some Movie and God talk (3 comments)
23: I know, I know...where are the promised posts...THIS WEEK FROM BAYOU CITY...I PROMISE (5 comments)

25: Wishing All the Best of Christmases (3 comments)

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