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September 2016
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02: Seven (3 comments)
04: OK (1 comments)
06: That's me in the headlights (5 comments)
08: Scared (2 comments)
08: Thursday (1 comments)
10: Memories (1 comments)
10: So (4 comments)
12: Sunday (1 comments)
15: Phone update (7 comments)
18: Weekend (0 comments)
22: Go me! In which our author describes five things, one of which is a bit surprising (4 comments)
26: Moving house (7 comments)

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This is a continuation of my blog here , in case you're interested. I moved blogs at a particularly tough time - it hasn't always been this grim. There's a 'random entry' button on the old blog - clicking that a few times gives a picture of the way things have been. Does contain a lot of swearing, some drug-taking, absolutely no sex, a few references to violence and a pervasive feminist, socialist, anti-capitalist intent. And the odd recipe.

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