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"i got this" - Kenny Wyland

This isn't where I thought I was going to be when I looked forward into my life, but here I am....

Yes We Can

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26: JournalScape is beginning to work
27: Kittens, Work, and Moving
28: It's a Wonderful Life

01: Light at the End of the Tunnel
07: The light was actually a train...
10: Coming out of her shell
11: Tired, tired, tired.
13: Rain and Thunder
15: Get thee behind me, Apartment!
16: The East LA Interchange
21: Earthlink is Evil
23: The Bell Tolls for Us
25: When will the Bells stop?
29: Rollercoaster of Life

02: A New Month
06: An apple a day?
08: Focus on the good
15: Busy Weekend Ahead!
18: My Journal is in Full Effect
19: The Community Grows
20: Recovering Jehovah's Witness
21: Trip to MD: Where am I?
22: Trip to MD: Rick and Audrey
23: Trip to MD: The First Wedding
24: Trip to MD: The Inner Harbor
25: Trip to MD: Washington D.C.
26: Trip to MD: Tomb Raider and Lego-rific
27: Trip to MD: Disney and Pigs
28: Trip to MD: "Bachelor" Party
29: Trip to MD: Bad Movie and One Last Party
30: Trip to MD: Rick and Audrey's Wedding

01: Trip to MD: AI *shudder*
02: Trip to MD: Evolution *cringe*
06: Back Home
10: Good Pain
11: The Shallow End of the Pool
11: In the moment
13: The Spirits Within
15: Persistance is key!
18: Mental Focus
18: Call Ms. Cleo now!
20: Happiness is...
23: The Victory of Defeat
27: Catching Up
27: Weekend on my own
29: Mouth Watering Monkies

02: Can't stop me now!
03: Fire Dragon will be frustrated in business
03: What a drag...
06: Fighting, without Fighting
08: Slowly
09: "Rain" drops keep falling on my head...
10: Not a Zen Master
11: Not a Master... but close enough
12: Pictures from my Test
14: Patience
16: Still waiting...
16: 'The' Bruise
18: Green in Celebration
21: Spin Kicks and JournalScape
28: The Dynamics of Friends

04: The Weekend In Review
06: General Happiness
07: Goblet of Fire
08: The Musketeer
09: A Little Night Music
10: aahhh.... soothing orange
11: Like a dream
12: What if I was on the plane?
12: No simple answer
14: Another attempt
14: Instability and Shock
14: Moved to tears....
16: Another good url
17: Fight Fire with Water
19: Walking on Sunshine...
21: No Facade, Thank you
24: Long Weekend
24: Cool Editorial Cartoons
26: Real Life Resumes Unexpectedly
30: Not sure what to write

01: Chaos
11: What's next?
13: Jenn in the Sky with Diamonds
19: Anthrax Scare
26: "You will test November 3rd"
29: Feeling more confident
31: Unflappable?
31: My Product is Useful!

01: I'll take, "What the &%^%", for 100, Alex.
04: He saw it on the tree, and he plucked it and he put it in his pocket
05: I get my car back!
12: Some people will just never learn...
13: Close enough... :)
13: ...and I even matched today.
17: Harry Potter! (NO spoilers)
18: Leonids were awesome!
25: Rain, rain, don't go away..
27: From the mountain
29: What the?

03: Like sands through the hour glass...
04: Run INTO town on a rail?
07: Second time around isn't any easier...
10: Once more unto the [orange] breach...
19: Frodo Lives! (no spoilers)
19: Tired, tired, tired...
22: This very special season... of Chri'mas
25: Merry Christmas!
27: It said I am God
30: Mostly Useless Member of Society

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